Fat boys, and their friends, rule!

When we first came to Carwoola Frances noted that our neighbour's property was called "Wombat Crossing". We certainly noted a fair number of traces of wombats having been around the place - without going into details they mark their territory with cubic crap. However until the last couple of days we had had very few sightings (a couple of times as I drove out to meetings after dark, and once on a morning walk).

When we returned from our Brisbane trip, while taking Tammy-the-rat for a walk I spotted a couple of them down by our creek. They bolted before I could get the camera on them but the next afternoon I got a few images of this one. Surprisingly it let me get within about 20m before ambling back into its hole.

The first lot of friends, now referred to in the title are not fat, just have a prickly personality as shown in the LHS of the image below. I found this little chap snuffling around in a tussock on 6 August. We have noticed evidence of them improving the local ant situation all through Winter: a bit surprising as I had thought they hibernated, but apparently not.

This second lot were not actually on our property, but similar scenes have been seen there without camera so I justify it that way. Also I quite like the piccies!


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