Thursday, 29 November 2007

Recent changes (since Nov 28)

This page will be a log of what's been did - nothin' will be hid - since 28 November. It will hopefully assist the reader to follow what is going on! Needless to say folk are welcome to go back through the older stuff as well (where an entry continues an old posting a backwards link is usually provided).

New pages

This one!!! an echidna visits us An arguable title. Disaster just avoided.

Major updates additional product commentary later news and a couple of explanatory comments inserted. the first addition has been to give Google a mention and some traditional abuse for XXXXsoft. I am sure there will be more by the end of the month! An explanation of the bushfire.

Deleted pages

There isn't really much point in putting in links to pages that aren't there any more is there (if in fact it is possible)? However, the post of "updates since October 30" has gone, replaced by this.

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