Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Beer gets skittled

My previous coverage of brewing has been detailed in:
http://franmart.blogspot.com/2007/10/interesting-things-to-do-with-yeast.html. While that will be the core repository for matters zymurgic the events of 4 December were worthy of a post of their own.

In the past I have used a pipe and siphoned the beer out of the top of the vat. This became easier with a valved pipe but when I got a tap for the base of the vat I found it much easier for solo efforts to use this approach. However, earlier in the year I found that the first tap I had acquired was getting rather stiff, to the extent that when trying to turn it off it started to unthread itself. Since the problem disappeared with the acquisition of a new tap (OK, one I found at the Captain's Flat tip) I was rather happy.

However when just starting to bottle on the glorious 4th the problem of unscrewing reared its ugly head. So there I was in the laundry trying to work out how to avoid losing, or at best spreading over the laundry floor, all 23 litres of Dark Ale and not worrying at all about repeating myself in the matter of profanity. Frances came along and between the two of us and a gripper cloth we managed to only waste about a litre (assuming the other 22 litres survived the rougher than usual handling).

At least it was only the laundry floor (OK and the washing machine) which took a bath on this occasion. As covered in the previous post, once before - when I used glass rather than plastic - a bottle exploded on me and the consequent bloodbath covered most of the walls as well.

I'm not going to make this blog a report on my daily activities, but with the chance to combine a pun and a metaphor in just 3 words I had to use the title.

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