Its always 9C at Lake Williams!

This morning the weather finally got its act into gear and had just the right amount of cloud to give a nice sunrise.

We packed in a very relaxed fashion and as a result we still around when the recycling truck came by, and were able to reclaim the empty bin.  The garbage truck comes by about 6am so is not a problem.

For some reason I was still relaxed as we drove off and the twisty road to the Gypsy Point cemetery was handled in a way much appreciated by the passengers.  Chunderpooch was not evident.

I started to get a bit of life in me as we headed up the Princes Highway.  Nothing of great interest was observed until we started to get near Imlay Road where haze was evident.
My suspicion is that a Habitat Reduction Burn was happening between Imlay Rd and Eden.  This didn't bother us and we rumbled off towards Bombala. 

We'd speculated about the likely temperature at Nimmitabel, with Frances going for 9 and me for 7.  Both were looking unlikely as the thermometer read 14oC along Imlay Rd.  By the far end of the road a drop had occurred and it was around 11o at Bombala.  We got a glimpse of snowy peaks as we neared the Snowy Mountain Highway and the temperature continued to drop.

9 oC as we passed Lake Williams!!!! and headed for the Bakery in Nimmitabel.  I acquired a steak and kidney item for my lunch and rated it very highly.  It ticked all the boxes on the Official Pie Scale but it didn't quite have the magic needed for a 10 so I knocked off 0.5 points for being a little on the small side.  But definitely worth another visit.

(On the subject of pies, the Mallacoota Bakery has continued to perform very well delivering pepper steak and plain pies at around 8.5 each day.  They also do - most days - apple turnovers which are excellent.)

On the way out of Nimmi the therms drop to 8.5oC and we could see a panorama of snowy peaks in the distance.  On on to home, which we reached at 1520.


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