Friday, 1 July 2016

June updates

The image below isn't really an update, but it is cute.
It isn't great quality, being taken through a window in dusk, but I thought the record of a family of Swampies on the lawn on 12 June was pretty good.  The small dog went completely ballistic.

The mum and bub turned up again on 30 June.
If you don't think Junior is cute, I suggest you get your medication adjusted.

This Blog

  • I have added a few bits and pieces to the East Coast Low post include a reference to this having the second highest daily rainfall recorded in Carwoola.
  • The Bird a Day situation for 8 June has been corrected!  (It was published on 9 June, but the matters referred to occurred on 8 June.)
  • Some insights into bat management have been linked.
  • A link to ABC coverage of Eden Monaro has been added.
  • I have added some updates to the Brexit post.
Several posts have included comment about Australian political matters, including one grumpy reaction to answering the phone to find it was recording of Julie Bishop.  On June 30 things got worse when the caller was Fred Nile!  (The absolute nadir would be if it had been Elephant-eater Borsak.  Thinking further about it I'm not sure where Derryn Hinch and La Hanson fit relative to Fred - I just know all of them are well of the bottom of scale of desirable pondlife.)

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