Thursday, 16 May 2013

A better driveway appears

This continues the story of fixing up our driveway, begun in this post.

The first major step was to dig a trench across our drive and insert 4 Great Big Pipes.  We had positioned our car on the far side of the trench beforehand.  A friendly dog came to greet Tammie!
Measurement is half the job: leveling is the other half.
 5 Hours after starting the pipes were laid and the trench filled
 The great big excavator got stuck into preparing the next stage.

 In the evening the small dog was inserted to the pipe and duly trotted through it , took a drink ...
.. and then trotted back. I was most impressed that by the stage of the work it was already taking water through.  The old pipe hadn't had any water in it for several weeks.
 This is the prepared drive.
 The gravel appeared a few days later.  Again our car had been positioned on the far side.
 A bobcat was used to spread the gravel out.

 I was not around for the 5 hours that a small roller was used to compact the gravel but this is how it looked afterwards.
The completed outflow from the ford.
This is of course the inflow side of the pipe.  As this is now in the low point of the crossing (where, IMHO, the pipe should have been in the first place) the water should flow throough very nicely.

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