Monday, 6 July 2009

Topi trip 1

Not You-all Lakes ...

... But Myall Lakes! This is the report on our rip to the Great Lakes area of New South Wales. This is about 250k North of Sydney (and thus 550km NE of Carwoola. We stayed in a house called Topi Gums at the locality of Topi-topi - effectively in the middle of the scrub, about 20km from the coast.

Apart from anything else this document is a test run of my netbook, purchased as a means of storing our photographs from when we visit Peru later in the year. I got it from B&H Photovideo in Manhattan (cost about $A470 compared to $A700 around Canberra) and thus far it is doing the job needed.

Indeed both the netbook worked well and the trip was very successful. I'll put up more details in the following posts and add photographs etc as time permits.

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Gillian said...

Hi Martin and Frances,
Thanks for sending us the link to your blog. You make places sound so interesting- I learn something new every time. Michael appreciated the distraction from his Stats Can contract work on quality guidelines.

Gill and Mike- from our basement abode in faraway Toronto