Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas at Church

The local media (ie the Bungendore Mirror and the public noticeboard at the start of Captains Flat Road) announced that there was to be a Communion Service at St thomas's Church in Carwoola on Christmas Eve. As we have wanted to see inside this little church for some time we toddled along.

It was indeed a lovely little church. We sat next to a window with a stained glass image of an ANZAC, and a dedication to the donor's son who died during WW1. Nearby was plaque to some local residents who died in the 1910s.

The place was full: perhaps 100 people, which should have been nice for the organisers of the service. It was a bit of a contrast to my last church service: St Bartholomew's on Park Avenue on September 11th 2005. Rather than a huge organ thundering away this was more like a harmonium operated by the pedalling of the lady organist. The sermon was not up to the St Bart's standard being a rather academic treatise about the vicars view of God, rather than a political polemic against Dubya and his ilk. But in terms of a return to traditional values I thought it was rather good.

A classic moment was when the usher called out from the back "Someone who parked a ute in the road has left their lights on. " This called to my mind a Barry Humphries skit in which he, as an Australian preacher, asked "The owner of a green Chevrolet to move it as its screwing up the traffic."

A good way to start celebrating Christmas, especially since we didn't hit any of the roos on the way home!

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