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This blog started when we lived in a Carwoola, a rural residential area close to Canberra. We are moving to a split lifestyle with an apartment in Civic in Canberra and a larger house at Mallacoota in Victoria. Posts about the new residences will start when we complete the moves.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Joining the 20th Century

Before any of you say it, I am aware that the current year begins with a '2'. However many aspects of technology that the rest of you used when the date began with a '1' have only just joined my consciousness.

The particular sample I have in mind is using you telephone as a camera. I deliberately chose a new phone that had this capability but have never used it as such until 15 September. On that date I had taken the rodent for a long walk and when we got to Captains Flat Road became aware that something was moving around in a concrete drain. It turned out to be a wombat.

I had just started to invent new obscenities, due to camera insufficiency, when I realised had my phone with me. Click!

On getting home I was able to find the instruction manual for the phone and then: extract the mini SD card; put it in the mini-SD to SD adapter; put that in my camera (after various difficulties working out which way round to put things); and then get my computer to access the image. So here it is.

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