Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Long and Goldsworthy eat your hearts out

Of the many forms of art which I enjoy near the top of the list are the efforts of Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy.

Mr Long tends to leave rocks at odd places along huge walks and then write a book about the route he took: I think conceptual is an appropriate word here.

Mr Goldsworthy builds things (or at least designs things and manages a bunch of lower orders building them). One of his best known things is a wall built at Storm King Gallery in upstate NY. Here is an image of that.

Since originally writing this post we have visited the UK equivalent of Storm King, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park  Although we missed their Andy Goldsworthy exhibition (by about 3 years) they still had several excellent examples of his work.  Herewith the relevant post.

We decided to try something along these lines by shlepping some rocks around on our morning walks. These are the first images after about 6 months. One of the issues is that the wildlife seem to enjoy knocking the rocks off the ant mounds: I am waiting for the ants to start embedding them in to the mound.