Odds and sods

This is really a pure "stream of consciousness" witter to record a few things.

It is June 22nd and we have just picked - off vines hanging in my shed and Frances potting shed - the last of our tomatoes. Frances bought some at the market on Friday, the first time we have done so since January.

Today was also the day that I went to participate in the annual Tidbinbilla Lyrebird Survey. This is the third time I have done, after the shock of the first event when it snowed heavily. I had a couple of folk with me and neither had previously got close to a lyrebird in full performance mode. That got remedied today as we were within 15m of one yelling its heart (and various other organs) out. It mimiced at least 5 other species as well as doing a major rattle of the tail feathers.

On the rodent (see previous post) front, matters have been variable. She is not sleeping well after about 4am so we are getting woken early. She has also taken to what used to be referred to by a Canadian friend as "parking a coil" in the house. We have changed her eating arrangements to try to overcome the latter and hope that perseverance will deal with the former. That situation no seems to be improving (thank ). We have decided that we have to trust her to be off the lead around the place a bit and she's handling that well. Of course there is a lot of rioting when 'roos, rabbits, hares and foxes appear, but I really am prepared to cut a lot of genetic slack for that. As she also seems to like sitting on the verandah, we feed her there early in the day and hopefully the coil situation is resolved in the afternoon.

She is also proving useful as a scale factor for our vegetables or the carrots emphasise how small she is).

On 24 June it was cool and foggy, with next to no wind. Ideal weather to drop a match into my pile of prunings of things that one doesn't want to spread to the rest of the property. Cystius, rose clippings, papyrus spring to mind . The first image could be titled "Are you sure there is always fire under a lot of smoke?"

This one is thus simply titled "Yes!" . A really good burn and the local bush fire mob didn't turn up (another advantage of doing it on a foggy day - the idly curious unemployables can't see what you're up to).


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