Monday, 3 March 2008

March News

Frances has been using the room at the East end of our house as a music and art room pretty much since we moved in. She has often commented how pleasant it is with the sun coming over the Taliesin Hills. Proving that I am only a slow learner (and not totally thick) I have now taken to enjoying the view - as well as her music. The above is a sample of what can be seen.

Talking (or blogging) of views, the following images come from an Australian Native Plants Society walk to Mount Aggie which is about 1450m up in the Brindanella Ranges just in NSW on the Western side of the ACT. The bug is an Alpine Katydid and is displaying as a result of having its head squeezed (in a caring manner of course).

The next two photos come from a Nature Reserve to the North of Canberra. The reptile concerned is formally known as the Shingle-backed Skink, but informally as the "two-headed turd". You be the judge.

I came home from a bird meeting at about 10:15 to find that Frances hasd been entertaining an amphibian in the sun room. (Or the amphibian had been entertaining her, whichever.) It is a Peron's Tree Frog based on the cruciform pupil - clearly a tree frog by the sticky pads on its trotters.

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