Monday, 18 February 2008

The Daily - OK weekly - news

The title started as a quote from one of the many ear-worm songs in Guys and Dolls in which the narrator asks "What's happening in the Daily News?". But I don't intend to do this on a daily basis (Thank Deity you cry.) However there are a couple of odds and ends worth reporting as a bit of rustic interest.

I have commented in another posting about the amount of blackberries we have picked. I think the total is now up to 10kgs in El Rancho Carwoola with a further 3 - 4 kgs despatched to the Upper Swamp (aka the US Embassy) in Weston. I have experimented by adding some extract from some blackberries to the secondary fermentation of a couple of bottles in a brew of Draught Bitter which I bottled today. The idea was to try a lambic approach: possibly by the time it has matured the berries will all have gone so it will be too late to repeat the exercise this season if it is a success.

As well as blackberries we have been getting a good crop of mushrooms following some nice rain in February. We found this lot when the only receptacles we had were our fly veils so we loaded them up. We found we got about 2kgs that time and have collected another 2Kgs since. Not only do they BBQ well but they also make an excellent sauce for serving on polenta. Yumm yumm!

In one of the first posts in this blog I commented on the number of thistles etc. I have also rabbited about buyng a new brush-cutter. On 25 February I took my mini-tractor (aka ride-on mower) and the brush-cutter to the top paddock and dealt with a particularly noxious bunch of scotchmen and a few of the rose broars. These were added to the pile near the house where I will have another excellent bonfire, once the bushfire season is over.

The image to the left is of our drive. If you expand the image, just to the right of the foreground patch of grass (in front of the large rock) you will see a bolt. This is in fact the sump plug from our neighbour's low ground clearance Hyundai. Do you need any more information about the dark stain going up the road? Remedial work is in train.

My last report on brewing was a couple of months ago in This hiatus doesn't mean that the hops have not been happening, but that I have been brewing fairly boring things to catch up on supplies due to the wait while the IRS was festering. Today (29 February) I moved back up to quality, with a load of Morgan's Dockside Stout. This follows a visit to the City Kiosk in Queanbeyan where I acquired this, some Yukon Brown and Molloy's Irish Stout. Autumn is close!

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