Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Young folk at play

On 13 May I decided to go to try to track down some alleged Swift Parrots on the foothils of Mt Majura in North Canberra. I failed in this endeavour, but was amused by the endeavours of 3 youths with what used to be called a billy cart (basically a go-cart with no motor). Herewith some piccies.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Solomons pictures

The photos below are a fairly random selection of those I took on a 2 week trip to Honiara in the Solomon Islands. They cover, in order, Central Market, Cultural Museum, the main drag along the coast, a small farm on the edge of town, a tasteful planter box, dawn on the road, the Fuzhou Flavours restaurant, a garden, Iron Bottom Sound from the hotel, the Japanese War Memorial, a pedestrian overpass, central Guadalcanal from the plane, flowers at Central Market and a very fat frog in the Botanic Gardens.